Sand strands and waves, fabric that ‘s gold in the sky

My date and yours. Prehistoric, not ancient, and the starting station on the surface of a flowing river between the sea and the perimeter of its address is still unspecified!

But the sun has a warm cover of the same kind and content.

The desert moon walks in comfort, filling its atmosphere with lights and white threads of gold beams.

A desert that shines beyond the mountains of the sun with glowing sands in the history of passion and a warm multitudinous feeling with branching forests.

The sea is a sea of water from the sky of the river flowing on a moon under a blue-sky-blue sun that combines an entity with many passionate and giving entities to its hatred.

Brown moths in the night, nestled by a little white thread that glitters another time and blooms, and a bird searching for its path from a time of unbroken history.

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