Conflicts of encounter with!!

    What’s upsetting is a dreaming that stands behind the walls of the end day .

Struggle with survival; And meeting his place in the oasis of the chest from where you are at the time of jay’s dream a long time ago.

Salvation and forgiveness is the way of the city on this coming day for a vast world of knowledge and limitless communication.

The march of life is not to be expected, to stop your coming stop, before the darkness and your light, from within the broad, satisfying, positive smile of the streets, empty and not full not just less .

The stars are dormant, moving deep in the cloud and the sky in which you are with those around you in optimistic sign language, “hello” and thank you for your help.

“Hello,” waiting with a smile of hope in the silence of night and day and knowing silence in every way and language.

Not only that, but traffic is stable and continuous on the streets without a capital, all areas of sleep and dream motion will become more important for us to make up for the next period .

The difference at home and the choice of language of human, human, adamatic contact gets a positive giveaway of all that is the nest of apps to academic learners in global .


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