Whispering on the coast!


And it keeps hope in hearts and breasts

Whispering on the coast!

There’s no communication from the same beach. That is why we have to speechless our ways.

Waiting/reacting to coming

The points starting of the moonnight sky and should have the human being of all the people.

A step towards the sands of the coast with the moonlight’s magic detector on a daytime night showing the features of that coast.

And the palm trees and their fruit on the edges, full, pass with musses in their colors and tastes sweet and plentiful.

Beam/light on the trail

A state of activity for the class, the hope to come, a lot of good motives and a sky of different colors that stimulates the silent communication interacting in the optimism of the eye language.

And a beach sign on the coast welcomes you to this coming day beyond the moonnight mountains, the thought of calm and ambiance.

At the speed of the clouds, its soft, damp light, its serenity filled with spirit, and its white hearts, it is also not your most basic rights to look and to the empty shore.

Waves behind each other are drawn by the water upon the sand with its charm and its soft brush and its bright white and celestial colors along the border with the palm trees

Eye point intersection

Peace and safety address

And creating threads of happiness and praise for the changing reality of life at the speed of time and space.

الأمل والتفاؤل و صناعة ذلك في الخاص بداخلك

    Life stands in the middle of the road with a point.
    And a reception that doesn’t work in a case of close events and waiting.
    Everyone here and there is bringing a different perspective, no traffic or walking.
    But age does not wait in their time and they move in steady lines with footsteps without sound or sound.
    Day after day and night after night with the sun down the skies and the earth, that moon quietly, the stars dwell in the moans of hours and months.
    Scorpio and ticking minutes
    And your voice whispers from the circle of living in our time.