The logical introduction at the end of the whole beginning gradually.

Given the time link of events, there are a lot of introductions in the ages where the beginning of that journey begins from a stage that seems rather mysterious to point towards the end and place an address and a point.

Throughout history and ages, there has been an end to the beginning, new to the beginning, and inevitably the end to come and the phases of growth and prosperity and vice versa.

An organism with others continues and enters a seemingly new phase and then gradually reaches the end and is unable to adapt.

Progress in many respects constitutes growth in some societies but also retrogression in others; With a double-edged weapon, we’re looking for direction and direction of the beaches on a land with a wide range of coastlines.

Randomly selected stages of change and silent and waiting on the edge of the road to the direction and direction of its edges are full, as well as known and unknown waves, winds and fluctuations that keep silence and silent randomness on the side of the event.

Not only that, but the movement of the earth and public life brings everyone from all that is acceptable to the common mind to what is imposed in world politics and accepts it as inevitable, given the multiplicity of means spread around its address without hesitation or the force of a signal from the next generation to the next.

Level, variety, multiplicity, as well as information systems and digital sources of knowledge, gradually shifting, sometimes unorthodox, sliding abruptly without advance, accepting, asking, and receiving without discussion.

Hope in souls, shadow in hearts and shadows of seasons with sun and energy to energy shall remain; He has the flag of the hour to which you return.