Her colors dress with an attractive complexion

You know it from the ground up where there’s a desire to talk out what he can say.

The conversations would like to know how deeply they feel about things and how they can silently inhabit a language of all beauty and sides in its colors that attracts me to the unintentional and unintentional chatter of words, and that is where the space is being measured subpar.

This is the multilingual eye content; In the silence of the night, with a venom in the sky, a star has spread around the stars; The clarification form is not its merit; Amid the fragrance of speech, her words fill my eyes with a wide media.

ماذا يقول تمتمت لسان بحركة عشوائيه للشفاه ترسمها رياح ذات فرشاه.

Your eyes do not weep, but the radiant sound of crescent’s smiling voice is like splitting silk strings in a rainbow.مابين واقعي وخيالك سرب من دروب النور
The path of starting with silence; Is the beauty in his eye of speech and the strands of lines that are invisible to the sky.
Your heartbeat choices are unwanted, but your heartbeat mixes with its lustrous, blue, white colors like the skies with their pink and rose-colored breasts.
fuzzyجميله. ومعني الجمل الجميل في طله عيون بوجهين جمال لافته من الخطف بهما.

Let ‘s build a new quiet language in you beginning together!

How do you fly with them?

Don’t keep a secret on your heart that mixes with its pulses.