Between reality and fantasy… A milestone. We live one and belong to the other.

Therefore, speaking and communicating may have a very different basis in a time journey that requires a special kind of energy and, perhaps more importantly, remembering the sequence of events between what went through different times and what happened on the train of events at different time stations at different renewable stages, what was unfamiliar and familiar, what was rejected and accepted, and also what dreamed of an idea and became reality through the rules.

So he has a line in a sea of lines that pass as a bar, with different years and stages of life. A study of the words of these two worlds would be the beginning of a relationship between them at many stages, including what is acceptable to a common mind and what is unacceptable for a balanced and sustainable link

The rise of the moon was once a utopian and irrational world that accepted the once existing intellectual connection, but in virtual reality, once in contact with the notion of imagination, an automatic transition after an acceptable acceptance period to another world was not just a fantasy. The idea was insane at first and then, at another time and time of reality, it became a plausible logic.

A pencil digs into the letters to convey the meaning after it is assembled and connected.

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