An article and a phrase that means asking a question that I see in many ways to one event.

The traveler is the man on the train of the planet travelling with a captain in a long, uncharted, uncharted ocean, with many traffic signs between stopping and sailing incongruent with weather. Amidst the waves and the storms of various kinds, there is someone who speaks, there is someone who waits, there is a spectator. The roles are played by both the stadium and the preparation to land the others primarily with a management system. Everyone is in the arena

Gravity in the event assembled social and social gatherings but with unusual instruction unprecedented in human and human history. Gravity is a meeting and meeting of people but seems to be in accordance with the rules and spacing guidelines that are beyond legal distance, according to international circles and plates. A list of regulations in distance of one step and altered algorithm

Dearest and dearest. Today, not like the rest of us and those of us coming from the past in the lines of chastity and wellness, and the depths of the ocean that appear on the surface of identity, I do not know, and do not know, but from your tongue and her tongue and my tongue, I hold hope with hearts waiting for the Lord of the wilderness.

The pen swims to dive into the valley of the deep, not to search for the letters of a word that will make it a marathon to wait for it to rain during its seasons, when spring came rushing in with roses and yasmin in a land we couldn’t afford to be with, busy not receiving a visitor who wasn’t on time.

20 number 20, a series discarded in Numbers dumped in the swamp, distributed in an orchard by the side of a mountain river in the valley of semah, smelling of a distant rose in the group of don 20, in the sign of a silent body with a mirage of the desert eye and a ship going nonstop.

قادم بلا التالي

I am not the dreamer and mind who dwell in a scene that reminds me of more than one event in which they have an answer without a question for a pen, writing randomly in letters that fall in lines with no sight of a sky in which crescent appears.

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