The Morning is not far !!

Not only that, but when darkness thickens, as a solution comes the light divides into a new morning that’s why I don’t worry about it became i have the best but i had the great God .

Don’t ask me about my love, because deep down in my heart, it swims in an ocean without coast, its light without stars in a sky cloud of white blue .

The morning language is the whisper of a tub full of optimism that infused everything in the life of the earth, reactivated organisms, and opened up and breathed plants in a mysterious silence with a colorful fog of one way to find at all of them earth is worth it world ahead of us .

Not a weird morning. Not too early; Not a noisy morning; A heartbeat for someone who’s ever young to share a soul and a livelihood to be can help one’s life with oneself of all the people who live in .

The word is a caliber of bullet letter and its meanings are the weather between people, and the connections depending on the range were remote or near, not exotic as likely as lifetime of the end day .


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